For cataloguing nail polish dupes

I’m giving you a two-in-one today!  There are two dupe matchups here, both for pink holographic polishes.

On the left, you’ll see two Sally Hansen Nail Prisms with the exact same name: Blush Diamond.  On the right?  That’s Nfu-Oh 63 and Color Club Fashion Addict.

Four pink holos.

Even in the bottle, you can tell that the first two share a name but not an exact hue.  The Nfu-Oh and Color Club, however, look pretty friggin’ similar.  The difference, however, becomes a little more apparent in swatches.

Swatch sticks for four pink holos.

About the two Sally Hansen Prisms: Both are equally holographic, but what differs is the hue.  The one on the top, which came from the shorter, stouter bottle, is more of a standard, deep rose pink holographic.  The second one, which came out of the taller, skinnier bottle, is a bit lighter and orangey.  Both are gorgeous!

As for the Nfu-Oh and the Color Club: When I got the Nfu-Oh as a gift, I was initially worried that it would look too much like Fashion Addict.  And they definitely do look similar.  Both are a lavender color.  The Nfu-Oh, though, it is definitely more holo!  This is even though I got a newer batch, which is supposedly less holographic than they used to be, back in the day.  Of course, Fashion Addict (which cost me $6, including shipping, online) is quite a bit cheaper than Nfu-Oh (which was about $15, including shipping, online), so you get what you pay for.  I wouldn’t recommend owning both unless you are a serious holo addict.

One more thing about these last two swatch sticks: Nfu-Oh 63 is a little more pink, and Fashion Addict is a bit more purple.

You can see all of this a bit better in this close-up shot:

Close-up swatches for four pink holos.

Thanks for looking!  Which one is your favorite?


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