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Clone Attack: Zoya Pinta versus Essie No More Film

We have a Clone Attack provided by Christina of the Lacquer Clones Swatching group on Facebook: Zoya Pinta and Essie No More Film.

As indicated on the photo: Pinta is on the left, and No More Film is on the right. Both are swatched with two coats with flash.

To my eye, Pinta looks ever so slightly darker and bluer– not enough to own both. I prefer Pinta– what about you?


Clone Attack: A-England Avalon, Pure Ice No Means No, A-England Order of the Garter, and Zoya Song

Guess what I got?! Dupe comparisons for two A Englands: one with  a budget-priced Wal-Mart polish, and *another* up against Zoya Song from the new Fall 2012 Diva collection!

Swatch photos are courtesy of Rebecca, a friendly face who I know via Facebook’s Zoya Nail Polish Exchange Group.  From left to right:A-England Avalon, Pure Ice No Means No, A-England Order of the Garter, and Zoya Song.

Rebecca reports that “I was just swatching [Order of the Garter] to compare to Zoya Song… and remembered again how BAD it is! It goes on kind of clumpy and take like 3 or 4 coats! So unlike my other smooth as butter 1 or 2 coater A-Englands!”

Only speaking for myself:  these photos personally make me want to buy a Pure Ice and a Zoya.  This isn’t to say that I have no love for A England:  I do love my St. George!

New Dupe Post at Legendary Lacquers!

I’ve just added Legendary Lacquers to my blogroll.  Karly, who runs Legendary Lacquers, recently posted an excellent dupe-comparison post with the following:

  • OPI Funky Dunky and Sinful Colors Amethyst
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away and Zoya Robyn
  • OPI Thanks A Windmillion and Zoya Bevin
  • OPI Glitzerland and Finger Paints Key to My Art

You can find this post by clicking this link.
Karly has some excellent swatches here.  You should check them out!

Clone Attack: Jesse’s Girl Wild Thing and Zoya Charisma

Another clone attack for you today, provided by Roxanne! Jesse’s Girl Wild Thing and Zoya Charisma. Roxanne has provided this comparison shot: each nubbined swatch has two coats.

Jesse's Girl Wild Thing and Zoya Charisma

Roxanne tells me that even in person, these two are “dead on dupes, even down to the finish.” She says that Zoya Charisma, while it may not show in the photo, dries matte, just like Jesse’s Girl Wild Thing.

Clone Attack: Two Pink Holo Comparisons

I’m giving you a two-in-one today!  There are two dupe matchups here, both for pink holographic polishes.

On the left, you’ll see two Sally Hansen Nail Prisms with the exact same name: Blush Diamond.  On the right?  That’s Nfu-Oh 63 and Color Club Fashion Addict.

Four pink holos.

Even in the bottle, you can tell that the first two share a name but not an exact hue.  The Nfu-Oh and Color Club, however, look pretty friggin’ similar.  The difference, however, becomes a little more apparent in swatches.

Swatch sticks for four pink holos.

About the two Sally Hansen Prisms: Both are equally holographic, but what differs is the hue.  The one on the top, which came from the shorter, stouter bottle, is more of a standard, deep rose pink holographic.  The second one, which came out of the taller, skinnier bottle, is a bit lighter and orangey.  Both are gorgeous!

As for the Nfu-Oh and the Color Club: When I got the Nfu-Oh as a gift, I was initially worried that it would look too much like Fashion Addict.  And they definitely do look similar.  Both are a lavender color.  The Nfu-Oh, though, it is definitely more holo!  This is even though I got a newer batch, which is supposedly less holographic than they used to be, back in the day.  Of course, Fashion Addict (which cost me $6, including shipping, online) is quite a bit cheaper than Nfu-Oh (which was about $15, including shipping, online), so you get what you pay for.  I wouldn’t recommend owning both unless you are a serious holo addict.

One more thing about these last two swatch sticks: Nfu-Oh 63 is a little more pink, and Fashion Addict is a bit more purple.

You can see all of this a bit better in this close-up shot:

Close-up swatches for four pink holos.

Thanks for looking!  Which one is your favorite?

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